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Finding my way to Happiness…

Yes, It has been so much of negative, negativity and sadness. Lets find out how to find happiness and where. Being happy isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. I’m not saying happy people don’t get sad, they do. Yet, the sadness passes on. Their happy lenses invariably take over and cast new visions in front of them, making them content again, showing them the potential in the situation they are in and themselves.

1. Let go of negativity in your life. Lose the people that don’t want to see you happy, the ones who are always bringing everyone else down in order to make themselves feel better.

2. Look for things to be grateful for. Don’t like the shirt you wore to work today? The guy in the street would give anything to have it since the one he’s wearing is filthy and riddled with holes because he doesn’t have a closet to keep his clothes in.

3. Appreciate people. You live your life in constant contact with society, look for the good in the each individual you meet.

4. When you’re down, acknowledge it. And move on. Don’t let the “down” keep you down for long.

5. See down times as opportunities for growth.

So the moral is : Do what you have to do to find happiness. And happiness follow you. 🙂


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