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Empty Hands

I do not have any memory of the time I was born but people told me later in life that my hands were empty and I did not have any clothing on my body, I did not have any friends nor did I have a bank balance. I was also told that people around the house were very happy while I was crying to have landed in this world not knowing what I was getting into. I still do not know why I was crying but as I grew I started to realize that may be it was because I was too simple and small in relation to the complex world I was being put into. The fear, the anxiety and the complexity might have taken a toll on me at that time..may be..may be not.

Caught between the science of birth and magical power of the heavenly there any explanation to my entry into this complex world? Growing up in the midst of poverty all around taught me some very valuable lessons early in life. First that life has never been fair to all. If you lead a good life you must be blessed to be living that way. I realized that there were so many people in this world who are better than me but I still lead a better life than them. What kind of fairness was this? Is this because I was born to be better than others or was it an accident in the cycle of life and death. This question still haunts me each day as I lead my life towards the final destination. Secondly, I realized that people are generally nice; it is our own imaginations about other people that make us a very small person. Now I have started understanding why I was crying when I was born.

Today, we live in a world that has lost all humanity; the difference between being human and being an animal has become so small. We trust our animal pets more than we can trust our fellow humans. Probably we believe that since animals don’t have the power to think, may be ..may be they will not hurt us. This is the point that we have reached in our human existence. We have become so greedy of the material possessions that we are willing to close our eyes to what is happening to humanity as a whole. We are today able to justify all our wrong actions as those necessary for living in this world. Money has become the driving force for everything that we do. We have lost our sense of proportion and have lost the fear of God (if there is one). May be in our quest for a grand material life we have given up on God and even at times have tried to buy him out. The question that always bothers me is; how much money is enough for each of us? We are giving up on our value and ethics for that additional money that we can steal from other people. This only makes some better off at the cost of some becoming worse off. Money has taken the form of piece of bread that is thrown to the dogs on the street and each of them wants to have all of it ending up in bitter fight. Is our society moving in that direction and can we do something about it is big question mark.

Standing on the sidelines and watching the Nation be robbed of its wealth each day by the so called leaders is a reality for all of us and that is why I say that as a society we have lost our sense of balance. Nothing that we will acquire in this world is going to go with us and for sure it will be left behind. We will go back the way we came with empty hands.

– படித்ததில் பிடித்தது –
Courtesy : Dr. Kamlesh Misra. Vice Chancellor, Experienced Higher Education Specialist, Education Administrator, Turnaround Specialist.


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