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FDI in Retail…

Retail Shop in India

Now lets talk about the real difference between the super markets and our street corner nadar shop or chettiyar shop.

The sector of people who is going for a window shopping at the Reliance or Big Bazaar are the real ones who are going to feel the pinch of FDI in retail segment. Even now we still go to our street corner Nadar shop for that one packet of bread or a dozen of eggs.

Necessity is different from luxury. Government introduction of pumping more funds in FDI is to get the revenue from the luxury life, not from the necessity, which inturn we will get foreign pumped stores pay taxes for our roads not from our pockets. I do agree that FDI in retail will give a slight pinch to the middle men (agent) who links between the farmer and the retail shop owners, but defenitely not to our farmers.

Did Indian hotels close down because of the entry of McDonalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut or KFC? We still love our local Sangeetha bhavan or Ratna Cafe. Did Indians stop drinking Chayas or Nimbu paani or Lassi because of Pepsi & Coke? Don’t we have strong Indian brands like Amul, Saffola, Parachute, Zandu Balm and countless others to withstand the entry of foreign players?



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