Freebies, Election, Shame…

It is really painful to see our Tamilnadu Election 2011 political parties interest to bribe (freebies offered) the voters for their own benefit.

The freebie drama began in Tamil Nadu when film script writer turned politician Karunanidhi promised free color televisions and so on in 2006 TN Election.

Now both DMK and AIADMK – are offering: 35 kg free rice every month to families below poverty line (DMK) or 20 kg rice to all ration card holders (AIADMK), 20 litres of free drinking water daily to poor families, mixers, grinders, fans, houses at subsidised cost (DMK) or free modern, green homes of 300 sq ft, costing Rs 1.8 lakh each to three lakh poor families (AIADMK), laptops, gold, 60,000 cows and sheep.

What a shame…!!! It is crystal clear from their statement that politicians have thought that they could easily fool people.

These freebies are really a big shame to a democratic country. Freebies , undoubtedly make people idle and it halts nation’s development.

People should understand that where the money comes from and how the expenses are compensated after the leaders get elected to power.

Out of above all, Election commission is taking real good steps to seal illegal activities. Lets join hands with them and bring our nation into lead. Salute to Election Commission!



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3 responses to “Freebies, Election, Shame…

  1. Seensermvem

    I consider, that you are not right. Let’s discuss it.

  2. bebydineSmony

    Bravo, seems remarkable idea to me.

  3. now the poor is living off good with freebies and the rich, well, they are rich. But the middle class is always stuck in the middle. wish that would all change hopeful this year.

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