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Do you want to become rich overnight?

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I got a call from MVT representative today morning with a term saying nice business venture. For a moment I felt that i’m going to be a millionaire with gleaming gold teeth bling bling :D. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a lot of money. But, so many people seem to want to get rich as fast and easily as possible. Scammers make money out of people who want to get rich fast by preying on their greed and it works. If you’re desperate to make a million overnight, you risk being scammed.

One more thing about this Multi-level marketing is losing friends. We are supposed to share good things with our friends, such as a good movie or a great restaurant. People who try to ‘sell’ the products to their friends might be deserted in no time as who ever believe in hard work and get paid will start hiding from them. Only those who think the same way of making money overnight will be their friends. Invest 10k now, get 3 friends on left side, 3 friends on right side. You will start getting cheque of 2k every month. Now this network slowly expands and expands.

Think new, create your own innovative ideas, do paper bags, home made chocolates, crushed and recycled paper gifts.

Hard work pays off. When someone tells you otherwise, beware the sales pitch for something “fast and easy” that’s about to come next. The greater your capacity for hard work, the more rewards fall within your grasp. The deeper you can dig, the more treasure you can potentially find. –  Steve Pavlina.


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