Unhealthy competition RIN vs TIDE

The recent TV commercial of Hindustan Lever Limited’s RIN taking Procter and Gamble’s TIDE is one start for an un-healthy way of fighting publicly for its stand.

Not only for the price factor but also for its so called better whiteness statement, RIN is trying to prove that its smart, but ultimately ended up in promoting TIDE. By promising whiteness than TIDE, RIN gets dirtier with this kind of move.

The most ugly part is the consumer will be confused on what this war is about. And there are top head advertising executives sitting and cracking these kind of campaigns is very worst. Despite the fact they are well paid for promoting their product rather than defeating one product and climbing up the ladder.

Even though this kind of face to face competition is not new to Indian advertising, this one is like taking the war to next level.

I think the top heads can think better ways to promote their product, rather than taking this kind of un-ethical business practices.


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One response to “Unhealthy competition RIN vs TIDE

  1. Gaurav Jalote

    Such kind of War is prevelant in the international markets. Its a matter of time when it would be a norm in India as well


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