Tamilnadu Election

The last phase of election that includes Tamilnadu, the decider of the whole NATION is on 13th of MAY. All the so called political leaders are trying their level best to woo the voters with freebies and blah blah to vote for them.

But before you go to cast your vote just think about this two important facts,

  • Power cuts throughout Tamilnadu since Last Summer
  • Sharp Rise in price of essential Commodities

Every one in Tamilnadu felt the bite of the power cuts starting from last summer. Its a year since it started and has become a never ending story. Its still common in almost all the districts other than chennai to live with atleast 2 to 4 hours of power cuts a day.

The good thing for the government is that people have stopped complaining about this. They take it lightly similar to late running of buses or traffic jams. They have accepted power cuts as part of their life.  But we people are not asking our rights for the right thing in the right manner.

The next big thing is rise in the price of essential commodities. Price of Rice has gone up substantially in one year – from Rs.18 to Rs.40 per KG.  I am talking about price of normal rice, packed rice etc in any of the retail shops in Tamil Nadu.

The surprise point is No newspaper is reporting it, no news channels reporting it. Even the political parties who are bothered about Lok Sabha election votes are not exploiting it !

So people, please think these basic facts before you cast your vote. Happy Voting for the first timers.


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