Bandh in TN yesterday

Being an ordinary citizen of India, i feel really sad for the horrible face of Tamilnadu in hands of our Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, who always think about himself and his family members.

Yesterday was a “General Bandh” that was called by the ruling DMK party for the Srilankan tamils cause and to pressurize the Central government to announce cease fire in Srilanka. I don’t know how this old man thinks, who is a pain to himself and whole of the nation.

Everytime i want to avoid commenting about him, but he keeps doing things like this that makes me scream at him. I really had some respect for his age and his tamil literature but with each passing day his activities makes me angry and his unskilfulness is becoming intolerable.The latest of his incapability is announcement of this bandh.

First thing, I dont know how this will pressurize the central government in which all the leaders were running to capture the seats. How much effect will it have in Srilanka? If he has that much concerned means he must come out the alliance with the congress for being inactive in this issue. He wont do that because his government will tumble here as it is running with the support of congress. How a leader of a nation can be ignorant about the people’s good?

He has announced this bandh just a day back which can be easily taken as the poll gimmick. He didnt even concerned about how the people’s life will be affected by this. Lot of people would have lot of plans but he is dashing them just because he is in power.

If this bandh going to bear some fruit, bring ceasefire in Srilanka and keep the Srilankan governement in check from killing the civilian population I would have definitely have supported this. But nothing is going to happen out of this and for some cheap votes for the DMK alliance everything happened yesterday. Mr.Old man, please get out of politics, we will take care of our country.



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2 responses to “Bandh in TN yesterday

  1. Ministry

    I love this blog!

  2. Well said mathan,
    I agree with you…

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