Yes, We Can…

yes-we-canOnce again over 700 million people are having a chance to participate in the great Indian force called  ‘General Election’ to determine which party or combination of parties will loot in their name and exploit their emotions for the next five years.

With flags of all colours fluttering before our eyes; Red, Saffron, Green, tri-colour, multi-colour, we need to be asking ourselves: Do we really have a choice in these elections? Who do we choose from the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA), the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Third Front? How are they in any way different from each other?’

10,000 Crore Rupees, is the amount that is going to be spent for electing the 15th Lok Sabha and a new Prime Minister.

India certainly is not America and i don’t think we have a person like Obama here, who can win people’s heart. The way he did despite his racial background, his three words that changed the whole perspective surrounding him! Yes… They can!! But… can we…? is a question which i’m sure most of the young generation in our country would be having in their minds? I would like to say, YES WE CAN be the Change if we go and vote for the change.

So, the younger generation of India out there, who’s watching the growth of our country in it’s every step, who stood steady even at  the time of strong economic crisis, who sent their pity during the 26/11 attack and the ones who blog and read online economic times and facebook and orkut. Here is your chance to change the country the way you wanted it to be.

Please know your constituency, and the list of candidates standing in there. Analyse and ask and judge whom you feel will do good for the fellow neighbourhood, go and vote for him. Then you wont be asked to do this most difficult job of selecting leader for a country for the next 5 years.


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  1. Akootha


    Please participate and encourage friends and families to participate in the following campaign. Share this message worldwide, our target is to send 100 000 letters to politicized secretary general Ban Ki Moon with in next 48 hours.

    Keep up your good work. Let’s hope, collectively all our effforts will bring an ever lasting peaceful solution to Tamils of Tamil Eelam.


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