The importance of physical work has decreased more and more.

We never valued the farmers who spend days to grow tomatoes, out of which he makes 40 bottles of ketch up in 40 days and what he gets per bottle? 40-50 rupees? Blowing head in sun, pulling muscles and doing everything which an MBA sitting in air-conditioned office, in comfy leather chair does not do. Still an MBA gets 1000 to 25000 rupees a day! How cruel the economic reforms are in our country!

In western countries, labour jobs are so expensive. A key cutter charges 60$ for a call, and another 40-50 for making a key. A plumber nearly charges the same. They value the hard work of engineers and mechanical workers too. We never do! A lot to be thought over.

Why do you need a lakh rupees per month. Does anyone needs 3 bed rooms for one person, 40 chapatis to eat, 1 kilo of potatoes for dinner? Does anyone NEED 50 pairs of shoes and only BMW for commuting? It is all about NEED versus WANT, LUXURY, and if I use a stronger word LUST!

A CAR may be a need – but a BMW is luxury.
A TV in this generation is a need – but 55 inch PLASMA is a luxury.
A FRIDGE is a necessity – but a wardrobe like 4 door cooling room is exaggeration!

Be human please, and just recheck, is it all you need? or just u want?



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5 responses to “NEED vs LUXURY

  1. poornima

    your article is very true… n many a times we forget the difference between lust n needs…. but the questions is what do we do to solve this prob… if it has to be in form of a small step also what should we do, rather thn discussing this over n over again

  2. Very simple Poornima, next time before we buy a new latest costly mobile phone, we should ask our self, whether we really need it. Not only for phones, but for everything it applies…

    Not to bargain for a 15 rupee coir basket with a poor basket maker on the street to save coins. Think about the amount of work in it. (We never bargain for the same coir basket if we are buying in Natural-Aurovile or in any super market, where the price will be 100 times higher)

  3. Tom Awtry

    Our investments, savings, housing equities, retirement pensions and 401 plans have been relieved of our earned money; but, we know little regarding the facts of “how” and “where” are money went. What’s more unsettling is the simple fact it seems our governmental officials don’t know either, or present their plans of preventing this economic catastrophe from happening in the future:

  4. anitha

    You be right!! If not all, atleast if few could differentiate their needs from luxury, would make the world a better place to live in

  5. divya

    i really agree to it. but how ever it is a little difficult but can be changed…!!

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