A Walk Down Memory Lane…

May 15th 1999 was the day i actually started working.

I still remember the day when i first boarded a train from Virudhunagar to Mumbai. Said all Tata Bye bye and went to Mumbai. First time staying away from my house, staying alone without my parents, have to take care of my needs by myself. It was all new at that age. We were 8 from our college and out of all i was the only one who knows thoda thoda Hindi. We got down at kalyan and went to our company at around 2’o clock in the night.

Time flew and then one fine day after 2 years got bored of the work and went back to my native (Sivakasi) for work. Bored in there and came to Chennai at 2003.

Suddenly today i remembered that its gonna be almost 10 years since i started working.

Sighhhh, days and years are just flying.


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One response to “A Walk Down Memory Lane…

  1. K.Ramesh

    Yes Mathan, almost 10years finished. But I hope all the 8 of us, still have that sweet memories.
    How we will forget that? Eating Halawa in train,
    difficulties in eating Vada pav in Vasind, that nice Uncle who wait for us in Kalyan at midnight and manymore countless incidents.
    I miss u all.

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