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Happily ever after…

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of,” said Albert Camus. Instead of searching for happiness, everyone can bring in a bit of cheer if they work around their dispositions.

According to psychologists, everyone has a certain level of happiness and one has to identify and figure out what to do with it. A bit of mental adaptation and change in habits can actually boost happiness levels.

Keeping yourself engaged is the key to happiness. Engage in things you like to do, be it cleaning the house, cooking or just helping out the kids with the homework.

Never say the word, ‘I will try’, but think about doing it and success is yours. A smile can do wonders. So flash a smile. A smile can make you more attractive and friends or colleagues will be eager to have you amidst them. When you smile, the brain is actually sending out signals that you are happy. A state of happiness boosts your self-confidence and you will reap better rewards if you work with self-confidence.

Allot some ‘me’ time and you’ll see that all happy people have control of over their time. Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing, prioritize them and find time every day to do at least one thing that you enjoy the most.

Think positive and be in the company of positive thinking friends. If you are among a group of constantly cribbing and complaining people, their toxicity may suck out your happiness.

Exercise regularly. Working out regularly has a refreshing effect as it releases feel-good hormones. Besides, exercise keeps you fit and promotes good health. So, allot time for workouts. Get proper sleep. If you are sleep deprived, you’ll feel exhausted and sleep debt is not good for health.

Laugh as much as possible. Laughter can reduce blood pressure, pain and stress. It has a healing effect on mind and body too.

Join an NGO or opt for some volunteer work. When you help others, you feel very good and it can become a source of happiness.

Learn to appreciate others and promote close and healthy relationships. People are able to cope better with setbacks in life, if they have close friends or relatives in whom they can confide.

Follow the above tips and stay happy always. And as Baruch Spinoza rightly said, “What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness.”

Courtesy: Times of India, Author SINDHU VIJAYAKUMAR


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My Birthday Gift

My Birthday Gift

My Birthday Gift

My Friends Anitha, Senthil, Santosh, Arun, Deepan, Venkatesh and all together made this excellent lamp by themselves with texture paper and metal frame as my Birthday Gift.

And Santosh has made a wall clock for me with a cut-out of my face manually painted as the base and analog hands to show the time in it.

I like the gifts very much. Thanks you Anitha, Santosh all my friends.

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The importance of physical work has decreased more and more.

We never valued the farmers who spend days to grow tomatoes, out of which he makes 40 bottles of ketch up in 40 days and what he gets per bottle? 40-50 rupees? Blowing head in sun, pulling muscles and doing everything which an MBA sitting in air-conditioned office, in comfy leather chair does not do. Still an MBA gets 1000 to 25000 rupees a day! How cruel the economic reforms are in our country!

In western countries, labour jobs are so expensive. A key cutter charges 60$ for a call, and another 40-50 for making a key. A plumber nearly charges the same. They value the hard work of engineers and mechanical workers too. We never do! A lot to be thought over.

Why do you need a lakh rupees per month. Does anyone needs 3 bed rooms for one person, 40 chapatis to eat, 1 kilo of potatoes for dinner? Does anyone NEED 50 pairs of shoes and only BMW for commuting? It is all about NEED versus WANT, LUXURY, and if I use a stronger word LUST!

A CAR may be a need – but a BMW is luxury.
A TV in this generation is a need – but 55 inch PLASMA is a luxury.
A FRIDGE is a necessity – but a wardrobe like 4 door cooling room is exaggeration!

Be human please, and just recheck, is it all you need? or just u want?


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A Walk Down Memory Lane…

May 15th 1999 was the day i actually started working.

I still remember the day when i first boarded a train from Virudhunagar to Mumbai. Said all Tata Bye bye and went to Mumbai. First time staying away from my house, staying alone without my parents, have to take care of my needs by myself. It was all new at that age. We were 8 from our college and out of all i was the only one who knows thoda thoda Hindi. We got down at kalyan and went to our company at around 2’o clock in the night.

Time flew and then one fine day after 2 years got bored of the work and went back to my native (Sivakasi) for work. Bored in there and came to Chennai at 2003.

Suddenly today i remembered that its gonna be almost 10 years since i started working.

Sighhhh, days and years are just flying.

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