I Chose LOVE and i’m here at oscAR…

Rahman holding Academy Awards (Courtesy:arrahman.com)

Rahman holding Academy Awards (Courtesy: http://www.arrahman.com)

A R Rahman on his acceptance speech at the Academy awards said:

Before coming, I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like that was during my marriage.

There’s a dialogue from a Hindi film called “Mere paas ma hai,” which means “I have nothing but I have a mother,” so mother’s here, her blessings are there with me. I am grateful for her to have come all the way. And I want to thank the Academy for being so kind, all the jury members.

I want to thank Sam Schwartz, I/D PR, all the crew of Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Raqueeb Alam, Blaaze, my musicians in Chennai and Mumbai.

And I want to tell something in Tamil, which says, which I normally say after every award which is “எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே” (ella puhazhum iraivanukke)  “God is great”  Thank you.

We as your fellow country men are really proud of you. We pray god for a long life for our MOZART OF MADRAS. JAI HO!!!



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3 responses to “I Chose LOVE and i’m here at oscAR…

  1. Wow… super mathan… i just want to ad this in my blog also…

  2. VoP

    Dear mathan,

    We don’t needs Oscars to recognize Rehman. As a youngster you may be trapped to heap praises on SDM. I can understand that but please read my comments about it to know the deeper and dangerous perspective. You be the judge after that.


    Also let your friends and relatives know about my “RACISM AWARENESS CONTEST”.


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