Is our culture so weak that a pub-going population can destroy it?

It should be noted that the same young population also takes pride in what is Indian – it takes joy in celebrating Diwali and Holi, it respects its elders and its laws, it goes to the polling booths with a sense of importance, it salutes its martyrs on Independence and Republic Days, and it also takes the country forward economically.

The highest number of pubs in Asia are in Bangalore, and its most frequent visitors are the well-to-do or youth from well-to-do families that pay taxes, who may watch American movies but converse in Hindi or Kannada, who eat pizza without losing their love for dosa.

What good are the extremists doing for the country by smashing its own property and destroying its own population? Where were they when the country was under terror attack?

Our culture is too strong and too well-rooted to be erased so easily, but if such criminal acts continue there is every possibility of the roots weakening.

As Swami Vivekananda said in his address at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, we are like frogs in the well that think our own little well is the best and anything outside it is inferior or a threat to us. Till we jump out of our wells and learn to accept and assimilate the world outside, we will not be able to see how beautiful and rich each of God’s creation is, and how lovely our own wells would become with their presence.



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2 responses to “Is our culture so weak that a pub-going population can destroy it?

  1. shriraj


    I reckon you are going a bit too softy on these @******.

    culture my @##, indian culture is exactly what we have seen in the news, it is about selfishness, cheating and jealousy.

    cheers mate,


  2. Aishwarya

    Applause! Well..expressed..!

    If pubbing is not a part of our culture..then it should be noted that even assaulting women (in private/public) is DEFINITELY not our culture!!!

    Don’t know what “culture” are They talking about!

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