Yet Another New Year

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Yet another New Year 2009. Seems like 2008 just started and its gonna end in few hours. For me 2008 was not a bad year and in fact it was much better than any other years in my life.

I got a new job, got so many new friends, explored so many cool places. When i think of all those, i feel like singing “THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE”

2008 made me think a lot and confuse a lot…

If I turn back and look at my country in 2008 there are, so many blasts, so many religious fights. We won a Gold medal in Olympics. So many of my fellow Indians lost their jobs because of global meltdown. Besides the global meltdown we saw bundles and bundles of money being thrown on the desk of our parliament by the fellow Leaders of our Nation. We finally sent a spaceship to moon.

So many disasters and so many make feel good things happened. I feel like thanking all our COMMANDOS and my fellow friends in Indian Army and Navy and Airforce for safegaurding us.

Thank you my friends, thank you all my fellow commandos, for keeping my nation a Wonderful place to live.

Wish u all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Have a safe, prosperous and wonderful year ahead.


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