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Yet Another New Year

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Yet another New Year 2009. Seems like 2008 just started and its gonna end in few hours. For me 2008 was not a bad year and in fact it was much better than any other years in my life.

I got a new job, got so many new friends, explored so many cool places. When i think of all those, i feel like singing “THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE”

2008 made me think a lot and confuse a lot…

If I turn back and look at my country in 2008 there are, so many blasts, so many religious fights. We won a Gold medal in Olympics. So many of my fellow Indians lost their jobs because of global meltdown. Besides the global meltdown we saw bundles and bundles of money being thrown on the desk of our parliament by the fellow Leaders of our Nation. We finally sent a spaceship to moon.

So many disasters and so many make feel good things happened. I feel like thanking all our COMMANDOS and my fellow friends in Indian Army and Navy and Airforce for safegaurding us.

Thank you my friends, thank you all my fellow commandos, for keeping my nation a Wonderful place to live.

Wish u all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Have a safe, prosperous and wonderful year ahead.


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Merry Christmas

Santa Wishing all the visitors and readers of my blog and my fellow friends Merry Christmas… especially to all my dear Tamil friends who is out of India and spread all over this world.

And also for my dear friends who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, have a great Holiday.

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Rain rain go away, Come again another day…


Traffic in the rainy street of Velachery

Nisha-nice name for a cyclone. For the past few days rain has left unforgettable tracks in my life. Rain in chennai started actually on Nov 25th. But then it got severe on Nov 28th.

I stay in velachery along with my friends. It was 27th nov and we were past asleep. Suddenly by around 5 in the morning we woke up with rainwater gushing inside our house.

Starting from then it was WATER, WATER and WATER everywhere. But the worst situation happened when we running short of drinking water. Finally after 3 solid days we got electricity back and slowly flood drained off from our house and we are back to our daily routine.

Nisha makes a mark on all our lives. Next time Nisha, please dont stay in chennai for so long coz chennai is not meant for such heavy rains.

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Times of Anitha…


Anitha reading newspaper

Anitha reading newspaper

Almost for a week we friends broke our heads to get this idea of doing a personalized Newspaper for our colleague and my friend Anitha. Her Birthday was on Nov 28th Friday. Even at heavy rain we thought of renting a boat and go to her house put this personalized Newspaper along with the actual newspaper on her birthday morning. But because of extreme flood and rain we actually celebrated her B’day only on 30th Sunday. But she was really surprised to get a Newspaper that carries all news about herself and almost all our friends.

Mail me at for a copy, if you are looking for an innovative birthday idea for your friends or loved ones.

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