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These guys are our future Lawyers & Judges…

A group of students attacking another

A group of Law college students attacking another

I got literally shocked to see the video shown in yesterday’s Sun News channel. What is happening in Chennai??!! A group of students attacking (Brutal than attacking) another group. And Chennai police, as usual was happily enjoying the murder happening in front of their eyes. And Media persons as usual trying to make the most important headlines for their news channels and magazines and newspapers. But no one’s ready to stop the attack. Giving excuse saying, we can’t enter the college campus without Principal’s permission.

When asked about this to my friend who is also a student of the same Law college, he said “Its all common in our college anna”

Violence is not the solution for everything. Our country’s LAW is in the hands of these young students. These future lawyers and judges can think something about our country.



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